Problem 3:

Soil will be gradually infertile by applying chemical fertilizer. Weak resistance.

ZTDH- Fulvic Acid in Cocoly can absorb surrounding nutrition 30 times as its own weight, water 100 times. Lock soil nutrient, realize soil long term effect. As the appetizing agent of top dressing, Cocoly can be applied alternatively with fertilizer, in which way, soil will be gradually fertile, and reach high yield and profit high quality.

ZTDH- Amino Acid in Cocoly can regulate the osmotic balance of nutrient, stimulate plant vitality, fast repair the blocked vascular bundle, enhance crop immunity under low temperature, and promote crop resistance.


Case one: watermelon in Hebei Province                                                                  Case two: tomato in Shouguang, Shandong Province14927330276742384.jpg

Treated plant absorbs nutrients well. More big fruits with perfect                Treated tomato has fast expanding, uniform fruit size,

shape,Fruits expands fast, has high ratio of big ones,which                        diameter.Tomato applied cocoly has short internode,

ensures abviously yield.                                                                           thick stems and leaves,also strong vigor.There are 5

                                                                                                              layers of fruits.


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