Cocoly fertilizer and its functions at eight key stages of plant growth

1-Nursery period: avoid damping off and other disease in this period. keep uniform strong seedlings without over-growth.

2-After transplanting:recover fast, no dead seedlings, avoid soil-borne diseases.

3-Vegetative period: short internode, thick strong stems, thick leaves, balanced vigor, disease resistance.

4-Flowering period: early flowering, good bud differentiation, big and bright flowers, high flowering ratio, less falling flowers.

5-Fruit setting period: high fruit setting rate, and prevent malformed fruits.

6-Expanding period: fast expanding, uniform fruit size, high organics content, uniform maturity.

7-Color transfer period: uniform and bright color, good taste, prevent sunburn and abnormal fruit.

8-Harvest period: high yield and sugar content, big single size, late aging, stores well.

Which problems can be solved by cocoly?

problem 1:

Unbalance of crop natural hormones: uneven plant vigor, few flowers, malformed fruits.

ZTDH- Molasses fermentation solubles contained in Cocoly can enhance crop endogenous hormone, regulate crop intelligently, greatly affect the morphology and yield physiology of crop, and then induce the precious nutrient to effective parts to regulate plant growth, and ensure strong plant, more branches, and more uniform fruits.

Basic function: root generation, flowering promotion, fruits retention, more uniform fruits.

Case one:apple in Yantai, Shandong province                                                         Case two: orange in Guilin, Guangxi province   


Treated Apple has uniform size, bright color and better commodity.         Orange treated with Cocoly has big cluster, crisp flesh,good  

Treated ones have better anti-stress, late aging, sound green leaves,      color,and exciting vigor.Strong vigor, plenty fruits,good    

and can be harvested easily mechanically, which can save labor cost,      disease resistance, no cracking fruits.   

and protect apples’commodity.                                                                         



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