Introduction of Cocoly

Cocoly is not a common fertilizer. 

Cocoly is the founder of granular water soluble fertilizer.

The development of Cocoly takes 6 years. All the traditional water soluble fertilizers are powder or liquid. Cocoly initiates a new category of water soluble fertilizer - granular one, which saves more manpower, cost and time than traditional fertilizer. 

Cocoly is called “Agricultural Miracle” unofficially in China, “Magical Fertilizer” in Russia and “Fertilizer Miracle” in Iran.

The significance for the government purchases Cocoly on a large scale is that Cocoly can solve the problems existing in the country. such as food, vegetable, fruit and others, and it is the assistant for health of human being.

In particular, the huge economic benefit to use Cocoly is that: 1 dollar is spent on Cocoly, and the profit of 30-50 dollar will be given in return.

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