Introduction of Cocoly

In 2013, Cocoly company created granular water-soluble fertilizer, which is a new category of fertilizers named Cocoly. 

But before 2013, water-soluble fertilizers were only in powder or liquid. But they have some disadvantages. The powered type's formula is simple, only has NPK and some trace elements. Liquid type just can be used after dissolving. Different from them, Cocoly fertilizer has a complete formula to improve crops to grow better. Except NPK, cocoly has more ingredients, so it can be used in the whole growth period on all kinds of crops. Because it is water-soluble, cocoly can satisfy different needs of growers in farming, including drip irrigation, sprinkle irrigation, flush irrigation, basal fertilization, etc.

So far, Cocoly's trademark has been registered in 72 countries, and Cocoly fertilizer has been exported to 46 countries. It has enjoyed great popularity at home and abroad. Thus, Cocoly is called "the 1st granular water-soluble fertilizer in China" by its peers and media.

Furthermore, Cocoly has been awarded as "China's Good Fertilizer" by AgriGoods Herald, the authoritative media of China's agricultural industry, for 5 consecutive years, and as "Excellent Fertilizer Exporter", and "International Influential Brand" by CCPIT.

Cocoly has been focusing on this 1 product for 11 years. If you want to choose granular water-soluble fertilizer, please choose Cocoly, the founder of granular water-soluble fertilizer in China!

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