Problem 2:

Soil acid and alkali. Compaction, rot root, weak seedling, yellow leaf

Unique soil acid and alkali adjusting tech, ZTDH- Polymeric acid substance is the cocoly unique content. It is effectively against soil acid and alkali, compaction, rot roots, dead roots, serious root disease, bad seedling emergence with no younger ones caused by long-term use and over use of chemical fertilizers, It is especially suitable for adjusting acid soil, sandy soil, infertile soil and so on.

Compared with other tech, adjusting tech of cocoly can regulate soil PH intelligently, protect soil and crop from intense chemical attach, and finally complete the reconstitution of soil acid and alkali balance.

Case one: rooting in greenhouse in Zhangzhou, Fujian province                     Case two: Ginger in Anqiu, Shandong province


Treated crop does not have moss around root, and the vigor                Because of the culture substance ginger happens yellow leaves 

is strong,which shows that cocoly can improve saline-alkali                  after emergence. 4 days after applying cocoly, leaves start 

soil, and regulate acid-base balance apparently                                   turning green,while the CK is still yellow. 4 days after application,

                                                                                                        treated ones has stretched root, 10 days after applying,treated 

                                                                                                        ginger has recovered.



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