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Founded in 2009, Shandong Cocoly Fertilizer Company is located in Shouguang, Shandong, a famous"Homeland of Vegetables in China". Cocoly company is famous for an agricultural enterprise which is engaged in granular water-soluble fertilizer, by integrating both research development and production. 

After years of research development, Cocoly company has launched the first granular water-soluble fertilizer in the world, Cocoly. Cocoly became a new category in the fertilizer industry as granular water-soluble fertilizer. As"The founder of granular water-soluble fertilizer", cocoly devotes its energy to the development of cocoly brand and has built brand sales networks and organizations covering the whole world. 

Cocoly owns the largest granular water-soluble fertilizer production base in the world and has established a world-class laboratory for production, research and development, and has a number of national invention patents and safety technologies. 

Cocoly company always adheres to a core mission of letting global agriculture get a good harvest, and sticks to the core value of Team, Passion, Preciseness, and Love, and keeps continuous development to realize the future prospect of global 500 in 2029.

Dream Brothers

Because of dream, a crowd of people having a common dream come together, for realizing the common dream by concerted efforts. The ambition and inclination between among people are same, and the dream and faith agree with each other, regardless of man or women, rich or poor, strong or weak. They are just doing the concerted effort, toward a common goal and for a common career, in order to achieve success,realizing their own values and achieving target. We believe the dream has its power, so please hug it if you have dreams.

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