Time: June, 2020

Address: Guangdong, China

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"Feizixiao” is a famous litchi category in China. Mr. Lu is a Litchi farmer with 24 years of experience. He has been improving his planting techniques and looking for a suitable fertilizer for litchi trees. Last year, he took three small packets of cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer from a dealer and tried it on a litchi tree with a yellow leaf. After 3 months, the leaves returned green and grew a lot. He immediately ordered three tons of cocoly fertilizer for the entire orchard. "Compared with the fertilizer I used before, cocoly is more suitable for litchi trees. You can see the quality of litchi this year." Mr. Lu said. And after using cocoly fertilizer, the total cost of using fertilizer has been reduced, but the results are better. Litchi leaves were thickened and green, leaves were enlarged, and the quality of litchi fruit was better. The taste of Feizixiao litchi used to be a little bit astringent. But there is not astringent any more and the sugar content is higher, so the market price is higher than other farmers’.

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