Time: March, 2020

Address: Jiangxi, China

Picture description: 

Mr. Liao, a navel orange grower, from Jiangxi, China was a persistent man. 

He had never believed in new fertilizers before, only in traditional fertilizers. But because chemical fertilizers were used too much and the plants absorbed too little, most of the chemicals were deposited in the soil. This caused soil ph imbalance and crop production get poor. But his friend, Mr. Chen, increased production after using cocoly for a year. So Mr. Liao decided to try cocoly fertilizer three times, starting in 2019. The harvest began in early November. After the use of cocoly, the soil pH was gradually balanced, and the plants were healthy with high yield, fruits were in good shape and had high sweetness. And the commercial value of his navel orange is much higher than that of other farmers.

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