Time: June 2023

Destination: Qingdao, China

Picture Description:

Mr. Sun, a farmer in Shandong, was pleasantly surprised that his wheat produced 3,900 kg/ acre. And Mr. Sun's wheat attracted the whole village. 

 Mr. Li, a villager, said due to the impact of bad weather last year, the wheat yield was reduced, and it is difficult to reach 3300 kg/acre.  

Mr. Sun's wheat yielded 3900 kg/acre, which was amazing.  The reason for the high yield of wheat in Shandong is using Cocoly fertilizer.  Planted in the same variety and at the same time. 

The comparison of various aspects of wheat is as follows:  

1. The weight comparison of single ear: Using NPK blend Cocoly's wheat single ear weighs 6.9g, using NPK fertilizer at 5.3g. The difference is 1.6g.  Using Cocoly fertilizer, the grain of wheat full plump and shiny. 

2. Weight of 3 wheat ears:  Using Cocoly fertilizer wheat of 3 ears is 21.4g, using NPK fertilizer is only 10.2g.  Using NPK fertilizer, the wheat is not full grain, many folds. 

3. Number of grains per ear:  Using Cocoly fertilizer, the number of grains per ear is 78. Using NPK fertilizer the single ear is 59 grains. 

4.The length of the ear of wheat:  Using Cocoly fertilizer, ears of wheat is large and long. 

5. Plant situation:  Using Cocoly fertilizer, the wheat stalks are thick, elastic, tough and resistant to lodging. 

6. Root system:  Using Cocoly fertilizer, the wheat has long and numerous capillary roots with a strong grip to withstand strong storms. 

On the whole, using Cocoly fertilizer, the wheat grows well and yield has increased.  Cocoly's comprehensive advantages in wheat, corn and other field crops are obvious, with comprehensive nutrients, diversified use methods, and total instant dissolution suitable for any application method, saving farmers time, labor and money.  

Growers are happy because the wheat yield is increased after using Cocoly. 

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