Time: December 2022 

Destination: Paraguay

Picture Description:

Paraguay is a large banana-exporting country. A banana grower had a problem with yellow leaves. Under the introduction of the Paraguayan agent, Mr. Heriberto, he began to use cocoly fertilizer in July 2021. To his surprise and delight, not only the yellow leaf problem was solved, but also the output was improved. Even after experiencing frost, bananas still maintain the best health and yield. 

Not only in Paraguay, the same cost, Cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer also showed better results in China, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brazil, etc.

The following is the amount of Cocoly on bananas in various countries, please take it as a reference.

In Paraguay:

Granulated dose: 60 g per plant monthly.

Dose by fertigation: 10 kg per hectare weekly.

Also, use with N and K (20 g/plant of N and 30g/plant of K)

In Malaysia:

Broadcast: 40-80g/tree

Flush irrigation: 3-5g/L

Foliar spray: 20-30g/20L

In China mainland:

Before planting, 100g/ tree was used as base fertilizer. 

After planting, cocoly was diluted 500 times with water and sprayed twice. 

After that, cocoly and NPK were used in a ratio of 3:7.

In Taiwan:

Basel fertilizer: 120kg cocoly + organic fertilizer/acre

Top dressing by drip irrigation: cocoly: water=1:200(kg:L) once half a month

After swelling by drip irrigation: cocoly+potasium fertilizer and NPK fertilizer:water= 1:200(kg:L) 2 times

In Vietnam:

20kg in 1000L water, spray whole plant and soil per acre .can mix with other Chemical fertilizers, once a month

In Brazil:

1 application of 5.0 kg/ha in the soil

maintenance 1 application of 2.5 kg/ha 30 days after the first application (or at the beginning of bunch formation)

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