Time: August 2022 

Destination: Korea

Picture Description:

This year in Korea, because of drought, the output of Korean chili generally decreases, but the yield of a Cocoly user's chili increases. What’s the reason?

Two years ago, he started to use Cocoly. After using it, he found that without urea and NPK, only Cocoly, the root is strong and the flower is better that before. Last year, on average the dried chili yield of one plant is over 600g.

And compared with urea and NPK fertilizers, the output of chili after using Cocoly has more than doubled. So in these two years he haven’t used any other fertilizers. And this farmer was interviewed by a TV station. Other farmers asks him every day. What are the secrets of high yield? He said there is no special secret, just use cocoly instead of urea and NPK fertilizer. There is no special technology.

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