Time: July 2022 

Destination: Shandong, China

Picture Description:

Recently, it has been raining all the time in Shandong Province, China, so corn planted in many places can't survive because of bad weather and increased rainfall. This time, we specially visited the farmers in Jimo city and asked them about the use of cocoly in bad weather.

Because several days of continuous heavy rain caused a lot of corn to die. We can see from the comparison between corn using cocoly and corn using NPK fertilizer. Corn with cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer grows vigorously and its color is dark green. The more developed the root system of corn is, the more resistant it is to bad weather, so it can survive. On the contrary, corn using NPK fertilizer has a high mortality rate in bad weather, and its color is yellow. Weak plants are malnourished.

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