Time: June 2022 

Destination: Shandong, China

Picture Description:

Farmers in Jimo District, Shandong Province, China have been using cocoly for a long time. But they only use cocoly on cash crops such as cucumbers and tomatoes. It works very well.


Now it's the corn planting season, but farmers don't think cocoly can be used in field crops. They think it is too expensive to use cocoly on field crops. They use NPK fertilizer on corn.

Mr. Cheng, a dealer, wants to let farmers know the real effect of cocoly and help farmers get a bigger harvest. He asked several farmers to do the experiment. They mixed 60kg cocoly with 180kg NPK fertilizer in an acre of field. And they used 300kg NPK fertilizer on another acre of field. At a lower cost, let's look at the growth of corn after using cocoly. After only half a month, Mr. Cheng and the farmers saw the obvious difference in these two fields.


The corn in the two fields is the same kind and they planted on the same day. Corn seedlings using cocoly grow faster and taller. Leaves are thicker and greener. The root system of corn is vigorous and developed. The stalk of corn is thicker.

In contrast, in the field where only NPK fertilizer is used, corn seedlings are short. The leaves are also very small. The corn seedlings grow slowly.

Farmers have seen the obvious effect of using cocoly on field crops through experiments. The other villagers were pleasantly surprised to say that the effect of cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer was so good. The experimental results of cocoly's good application on corn gradually spread in the village. They all went to the dealer‘s shop to buy cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer. Farmers hope that their corn can get a huge harvest after using cocoly.

Experiments have proved that cocoly is not only suitable for cash crops, but also can bring good application effect to field crops. The cost of using cocoly fertilizer is lower, and the effect of cocoly is very good. This is why more and more farmers choose to buy cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer.

Please choose cocoly, the 1st granular water-soluble fertilizer in China.

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