Time: June 2022 

Destination: Qinhuang Dao, China

Picture Description:

Mr. Wei, who lives in Qinhuangdao, Hebei province, is busy harvesting potatoes in the field. This year is the first time he uses cocoly, but he is half happy and half sad. Since half of his fields are not using cocoly, the potatoes is not very good.

In March this year, Mr. Wei went to the agricultural materials store to buy fertilizer. Because the north-south orientation of the greenhouse was different, the light received was different. Therefore, the growth of potatoes is also different. The owner of the agricultural materials store recommended that he use a different fertilizer. He choose to use cocoly in the north and compound fertilizer in the south. 


Although the input cost is the same, the harvested potatoes are not the same. Potatoes using cocoly not only grew evenly and roundly, but also had 600 kg more than those using compound fertilizer in the south. They succeed in both mass and weight. The yield of this field to the north is 4950 kg and to the south it is 4350 kg. At $0.28 per kilogram, the difference per acre is $1008.

Potato appearance comparison


Comparison of north and south random weighing


Size comparison of the same number of potatoes


Yield comparison of the same area


Mr. Wei said that potatoes grown with cocoly granulated water-soluble fertilizer are obviously better and will continue to be used next year.

Please choose cocoly, the first China's granular water-soluble fertilizer.

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