Time: May 2022

Destination: Anhui, China

Picture Description:

At 9 o'clock, cocoly's staff came to Dangshan County for live interview. When everyone arrived at Cao Zhuang Village, Caozhuang Town, Dangshan County, the staff found that the villagers were talking about why Zhang Quanzhan's wheat fields were growing very well. Why is there such a big difference between the same wheat planted on the same day?


Mr. Zhang said: Originally, the wheat I planted was not as good as the neighbor’s, and then I tried to use cocoly. As a result, now my wheat grows best in the village. The wheat straw with cocoly is thick. The ears of wheat are longer. The ears of wheat are bigger. From the comparison of roots, it can be seen that the root system of wheat with cocoly is flourishing. The stem is thicker. Wheat with cocoly has strong lodging resistance.


The staff used actual data to show farmers how good cocoly's effect is. The staff weighed four ears of wheat. 


The weight of four wheat ears with compound fertilizer was 19.3g . Four ears of wheat using cocoly are 22.33g There is a difference of 3g.


The staff also weigh two ears of wheat. The weight of two wheat ears used with compound fertilizer is 10.4g.Two wheat ears with cocoly weigh 11g.


All the wheat grains on one ear with cocoly weigh 4.2g. The weight of all wheat grains in one wheat ear with compound fertilizer is 3.0g.

Mr. Zhang said that using cocoly could increase the yield by 1077kg per acre. If the price is $0.5/kg, the income of an acre of land will be $538.5 more. As can be seen from the data, the wheat used cocoly grows better.

Cocoly works well on field crops, such as wheat and rice. Please choose Chinese 1st granular water-soluble fertilizercocoly.

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