Time: September 2021 

Destination: Liaoning, China

Picture Description:

Last year, the granular water-soluble fertilizer cocoly program helped the Liaoning area, with an average corn yield of 6,240kg per acre, and a maximum of 7,800kg, an increase of more than 30% compared with the use of compound fertilizers. A single corn that has used cocoly weighs 0.66kg, and the number of corn kernels reaches 779. And one cornstalk can grow 2 corncobs.

The farmer told us that when he used traditional compound fertilizer, the roots of corn were sparse and the number of roots was small. Stems are thin. Corn kernels are not full. Corn is light and sells at a low price.


The effect of using cocoly really shocked him. The roots of corn that have used cocoly are very lush and the root system is very developed. The number of roots was almost double that with the compound fertilizer. The corn stalks have grown thicker. The anti-lodging ability has been enhanced a lot. And using cocoly is very convenient, saving him a lot of time and energy. He was very excited to tell us. This time the corn has reached a very high yield. This is an effect that cannot be achieved when using compound fertilizers.


When using granular water-soluble fertilizer, please choose the 1st Chinese granular water-soluble fertilizer——cocoly.


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