Time: June 2022 

Destination: Hebei, China

Picture Description:

Cocoly's staff interviewed Mr. Su who used cocoly on chinese bulbous onion. 

Chinese bulbous onion is one of the important export vegetables in China. The interview was watched by farmers and attracted the attention of thousands of people on the internet. Mr. Su happily accepted the interview and shared with us the joy of harvest after using cocoly.

The chinese bulbous onion with cocoly has thicker stems and more roots, and fruit is bigger and heavier.

Under the condition of the same investment, the remarkable effect of cocoly is really surprising to dealers and farmers.

On May 10th, the staff had been interviewed Mr. Su. At that time, chinese bulbous onions had not yet been sold, but there was a great comparison between chinese bulbous onions with compound fertilizer alone and those with cocoly. With cocoly, chinese bulbous onion grows very well.

When chinese bulbous onions were sold, Mr Su was very happy because of the harvest. Mr. Su told our staff: The plan is to harvest the day after tomorrow. But the boss is afraid that I will sell it to others, so he will charge a high price two days in advance. Other people's chinese bulbous onion is 0.2 dollar/kg, my chinese bulbous onion is 0.3 dollar/kg, my chinese bulbous onion increased by 4800 kg per acre. Thanks to the use of cocoly. Mr. Su is very proud to tell us.

Mr. Su was very happy to tell us that the yield per acre was 15,000 kg,  in the past, but now the average yield per acre is 21,000 kg. Dealers told us: cocoly is easy to use, with few diseases, and it really brings high profits to ordinary people.

According to Feng Zong, the head of Cocoly Guangxi Branch, there is a large planting area of chinese bulbous onion in this area. Compound fertilizers were used in the past, but in recent years, with the rising price of compound fertilizers. Farmers are trying to use new fertilizers. Cocoly can increase production and income. We will continue to promote the use of cocoly to make more people feel the joy of this harvest.

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