Time: June 2022 

Destination: Hebei, China

Picture Description:

Mr. Wei, who used granular water-soluble fertilizer for the first time this year, was very happy to have a harvest. At the same time, he was a little sad. His other half of the greenhouse didn’t use cocoly fertilizer. The harvest of this half greenhouse is not as good as which with cocoly.

Mr. Wei told us how he met cocoly. The north of Mr. Wei’s greenhouse is not as bright as the south, so the potatoes in the north grow smaller. When he bought fertilizer three months ago, the local deal recommended that use fertilizer separately for the potatoes on the north and south sides, so he chose cocoly.

Potatoes are all in the same greenhouse, of the same variety, planted on the same day, and the investment cost is the same, but there is a difference of 600 kg between the north and the south.

Potatoes with cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer are smooth and spot-free, with a larger proportion of extra-large fruit and a higher yield. The potatoes with cocoly are obviously smooth and bright. Most importantly, the yield in the north is 4,450 kg, while the yield on the side with compound fertilizer is 4,350 kg. The yield with cocoly is 600 kg more than that with compound fertilizer. If cocoly is used on the other side, there will be more harvest. If you calculate it at $0.25 per kilogram, you will earn an extra $920 per acre.

Mr. Wei told us that he will use cocoly on all potatoes next year, and there must be a huge harvest.

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