Time: May 2022 

Destination: Anhui, China

Picture Description:

Two different pieces of wheat which planted on the same day and used the same variety for comparison. Look at the photo, the results are extremely different because the neighbors use different fertilizers.

The effect of wheat using other fertilizers on the left is not satisfactory. Other fertilizers will cause the crazy growth of wheat seedlings. Wheat will fall down at spike stage, and it is easy to be frozen When the temperature drops in spring. And it's easy to be short of fertilizer supply in the later period.

On the right of the picture, wheat ears used cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer have bigger and fuller ears. The root system of wheat is developed. It’s also has strong stems, and vigorous and dark green leaves. And it has no yellow leaves and premature senescence. These can enhance the resistance of wheat to diseases and pests.

The farmer was very happy after using cocoly, and told us excitedly about the changes of wheat after using cocoly. Before he used cocoly, his wheat didn't grow as well as the neighbour's. After the rain, he sprinkled some cocoly. After that, his wheat ears were 3-4cm longer and fuller than the neighbour's wheat. Each acre is 100kg more than before.

Cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer is widely used in fruits, vegetables and flowers, and is also suitable for field crops such as wheat.

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