Time: May 2022 

Destination: Yunnan, China

Picture Description:

Four years ago, Ms. Wang had been using compound fertilizer. Flowers grow badly. The flowers are small and the color is dim. Ms. Wang measured the soil pH of five greenhouses. It is concluded that the pH value of soil is 5.5~5.7, which is weakly acidic. The reason is the use of compound fertilizer. The soil absorption and utilization rate is 30-40%, and the element absorption rate is low. The soil is short of a large number of elements, organic matter, microbial agents and other nutrients. Eventually, salt accumulated, which inhibited the absorption of nutrients by roots, and the seedlings were weak and did not sprout.

Ms. Wang wanted to change the pH value of the soil, so she used cocoly. Then the effect shocked her. She applied cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer through foliar spraying and flushing. The pH of the soil has reached neutrality, which is beyond Ms. Wang's expectation. Moreover, the flower bud is more compact, height consistency, and all aspects of flowers have been improved.The absorption and utilization rate of Cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer can reach over 90%. Ms. Wang is very grateful to cocoly and has become a loyal supporter of cocoly.

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