Time: February 2022 

Destination: Taiwan, China

Picture Description:

From this picture, we can clearly see the difference between the crops grown on the two fields. What happened? Why are crops grown on the same soil so different? Let’s look for the answer from the following words.

In Taiwan, China, the local growers planted Japanese green soybean by fertilizing chicken manure. The crop on the right is the result of using only chicken manure while the one on the left is the result of mixing chicken manure with Cocoly fertilizer. The contrast between the two fields is pretty obvious from this picture. The green soybean sprouts without Cocoly fertilizer look sparse with a low survival rate while the ones with Cocoly fertilizer look more vigorous and they have a high survival rate. It turns out that Cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizers do have a striking effect on the crops.

Nowadays, due to Cocoly’s pretty good effect on different kinds of crops, an increasing number of growers in Taiwan believe Cocoly fertilizer and choose Cocoly fertilizer. Meantime, Cocoly gives their amazing rewards and lives up to their expectations, which is the 1st to be a well-deserved granular water-soluble fertilizer. And farmers there hold the firm belief that Cocoly is the 1st granular water-soluble fertilizer in Taiwan.

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