Time: December 2021

Address: Jiangxi Province, China

Picture Description:

From this picture, we can clearly see that the fruitful oranges are hanging on the branches, their colors are bright and very gratifying, and the workers are picking them in an orderly manner. Mr. Lan, the owner of the orchard, burst into laughter. That's a big harvest.

But a few months ago, Mr. Lan was frowning, and he was still worried about whether this year's fruits could be sold at a good price.

Why?Mr. Lan has heard that the Cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer has a good effect not only in complete nutrients but also in good effect, but he heard that the price is a bit expensive compared with other compound fertilizers, then he chose a cheap granular water-soluble fertilizer instead of Cocoly. The result was the leaves turned yellow on a large scale.

Although he tried a lot of fertilizers, the effects still could not satisfy him. In desperation, he tried Cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer with a try attitude. Surprisingly, Mr. Lan found that the leaves were not so yellow and became greener and thicker.

According to Mr. Lan: "The whole orchard is obviously better than before, and the yellow leaves have improved. Altuough it is the first time to use Cocoly fertilizer, the effect is far beyond my expectations. I'm bound to choose Cocoly fertilizer in the future.”

Coincidentally, Mr. Xu, a fruit farmer who has been planting navel oranges for more than 10 years, also used fake granular water-soluble fertilizers last year. The roots of more than 500 small trees were seriously burned. After using Cocoly, the situation is improved a lot. Now, the small tree of two-year-old is growing better than the three-year-old tree, and can officially bear fruits next year.

According to Manager Ling, a dealer in Xunwu, Ganzhou: In the past two years, In 2019, Cocoly entered the Ganzhou market and quickly opened the market owing to the remarkable effect. But with the increasing popularity of Cocoly among the local faemers. there have been many fake and shoddy products in the market, deceiving consumers under the pretense of being processed by Cocoly, resulting many cases similar to Mr. Lan and Mr. Xu.

I hope that the fruit farmers who want to choose granular water-soluble fertilizer, please choose Cocoly—the 1st authentic granular water-soluble fertilizer. It’s fake and shoddy that claim to be processed from Cocoly factory with the same formula.

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