Time: March, 2021

Address: Chiclayo, Peru

Picture description:

Chicrajo, located in the coastal desert, is Peru's largest rice-growing region.

Because the local climate is dry, the ground water evaporates quickly, coupled with the influence of desert vegetation, the soil here is mostly salinized soil.

Excessive use of chemical fertilizer in salinized soil will easily result in soil hardening and soil fertility decline, which is not conducive to nutrient absorption of crops and hinders crop growth.

This means that treating salinized soils requires specialist fertilizer to earn farmers' trust.

When we started growing rice, our Peruvian agent, Antonio, used Cocoly only once to compare the rice with traditional fertilizer. The rice that used Cocoly's fertiliser was greener, the seedlings were stronger and grew faster.

Compared with the traditional fertilizer, it forms a very sharp contrast.

Mr. Antonio told us that he had never seen such an effective fertilizer, and he was proud of Cocoly.

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