The 2nd session of COCOLY granular water-soluble fertilizer summit meeting

On Dec. 28, 2016, the 2nd session of granular water-soluble fertilizer summit meeting was held in Shouguang, Shandong. Currently, Cocoly has turned to be the leader of new type fertilizer over agricultural material industry! This meeting was hosted by Agricultural Material Newspaper and co-hosted by Cocoly Fertilizer, which is so wonderful, and now we are going to see this together with the editor:

The guests sign in, who are not only the cooperative partners but also the dream partners!


The customer Mr. Haytham from Egypt, comes from thousands of miles far away, just looking for the joy of Cocoly.


The reporter of Agricultural Material Newspaper Mr. Gao Yun has a great speech, speaking glowingly of the new development trend of granular water-soluble fertilizer!


Cocoly Fertilizer is awarded the Permanent Council Company of Agricultural Material Newspaper! The reporter Gao Yun awards the prize to Cocoly!


Dance of Cocoly team: Team, Passion and Innovation!


Discuss the business mode of granular water-soluble fertilizer! The sales director of Cocoly fertilizer Mr. Xu gives response to all questions!


CEO of Cocoly Fertilizer Mr. Sun has a great speech Start from the Dream…!


The dream partners of Cocoly take a group photo to mark the occasion! Dec. 28, 2016 is a day worthy of commemoration! In a new year, the dream partners of Cocoly will as always keep fighting, staying true to the mission and leading the development of granular water-soluble fertilizer!


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