The first summit of granular water soluble fertilizer

The Cocoly’s joy journey in China and the first summit of granular water soluble fertilizer are holding in Shouguang city,Shandong province.

The distributors who come from all over the world are together in Shouguang,to explore the trend of agriculture industry,to learn strategy of Cocoly brand,to feel the joy of Cocoly’success


In the year of 2015,agriculture industry had a fast development,but it had to meet some problems which are difficult to handle.


The development of the company and the growth of the brand can not be apart from the supports of news medium. Mr.Gao yun the reporter of


The distributors shared the joy of the effect of Cocoly,the joy of the growth of themselves and the joy of the development of their sales team ,they found that the joy of Cocoly is the power of their development.


The team of Cocoly is a team who are passionate,innovation,following their dreams.they are the spokesman of the joy of Cocoly.


Now more and more people feel the fierce competition in their industries,the main reason of the competition is they have not any real brand.Cocoly as the original granular water soluble fertilizer in the agriculture industry is unique,Mr.Sun Rongjian the founder of the brand of Cocoly shares the road of Cocoly’s success


Cocoly’s families are together from all over the world,let the wonderful time stand still,the Cocoly’s joy journey in China and the first summit of granular water soluble fertilizer are crowned with completed success.


The development of granular water soluble fertilizer brings the new opportunities for agriculture industry,innovation of technology,innovation of service,innovation of the mode of business,and makes Cocoly be the top of agriculture industry.


In the year of 2016,we should hold the opportunities and meet the future with eye of development.

The period of granular water soluble fertilizer is coming.

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