The 9th International Granular Water-Soluble Fertilizer Summit Was Successfully Held In Jeju Island, Korea.

On January 5, 2024, the 9th International Granular Water-Soluble Fertilizer Summit with the theme of "New Starting Point, New Future" was successfully held in Jeju Island, Korea. 

This summit attracted many customers from India, Malaysia, Korea, South Africa, Pakistan, Vietnam, Turkey, and so on to discuss and share ideas for promoting global development of the granular water-soluble fertilizer. 

In 2013, Cocoly company created a new fertilizer category that is granular water-soluble fertilizer and converted the fertilizer tradition. Until 2024, we have been focusing on granular water-soluble fertilizer for 12 years.

At this meeting, many partners shared their joy and gains with granular water-soluble fertilizer. 

Category advantages

South Africa customer, Mr. Attie said: international, efficient, standardized and professional granular water-soluble fertilizer super factory gives me more confidence to promote Cocoly fertilizer in South Africa. 

In last May, I visited Cocoly company headquarter for the first time. At that time, the super factory was still under construction. But just after 4 months, the new factory was starting to produce. I was shocked by the development speed. " 

Indian customer, Mr. Raja said, we have a team of 200 staffs. They promote Cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer through various methods, including field demonstrations, observations, conferences and TV. We also build a Youtube channel specially dedicated to promote Cocoly and achieved very good results.

We don’t promote Cocoly as a fertilizer, but as a special and unique brand. With the rapid growth in sales, now more and more Indian farmers choose to use Cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer, which obviously improved crops yield and quality. "  

Taiwan customer, Mr. Jimmy: "After more than four years of promoting, farmers have gradually learned the advantages of granular water-soluble fertilizer. Cocoly has better effect than many Europe and America brands, and its more cost-effective."

Cocoly has been in Korea for 7 years and very mature in the market. At this meeting, many Korean dealers enthusiastically shared that Cocoly fertilizer has completely solved the problems of low yield and poor quality of apple, green onion, garlic, chili, eggplants, mango, citrus, rice, strawberry and other crops, and received recognition from local farmers. 

Korean customers use the word "LOVE" to express their love for Cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer

Other customers from Turkey, Malaysia, Vietnam, Philippines, share their stories with Cocoly fertilizer through online meeting.

Turkey customer: Cocoly fertilizer has become a necessity for Turkey farmers.

Malaysia has durian, palm. Cocoly fertilizer changed local farmers habits of fertilization, Cocoly replaces traditional NPK fertilizers, decreases diseases, and so on.

Chinese domestic customers also shared the local results of Cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer.


Guangxi customer: Granular water-soluble fertilizer is becoming more and more popular, and Cocoly has become a first choice brand among farmers.

Heilongjiang customer: granular water-soluble fertilizer is more and more popular in corn, soybean, rice, and so on. Cocoly fertilizer is gradually replacing NPK fertilizers and increases harvest and income.

In customers, Cocoly has become a symbol of granular water-soluble fertilizer. Until now, Cocoly has been exported to 46 countries around the world, and the international trademark has been successfully registered in 72 countries.

Honor time 

 Cocoly company CEO, Mr. Sun: “As a Chinese brand and a pioneer of granular water-soluble fertilizer, more and more people who has the same dream join us and makes us more power to move forward. 

We are gathered here because of the same dream and mission.

In 2024, we will base on a new starting point, look forward to a new future, continue to use the advantages of brand influence, technological innovation, market expansion, and comprehensive service, continue to lead the development of the granular water-soluble fertilizer industry, and let global agricultural get a good harvest."

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