Customers From 46 Countries Celebrate The Opening Of Cocoly's Super Factory On The 14th Anniversary

The "Cocoly 14th Anniversary and Opening Ceremony of Cocoly Super Factory " was grandly held on September 11th, 2023, attracting nearly 200 customers from 46 countries and regions to witness this important moment.

Cocoly company’s General Manager, Mr. Liu recalled that since Cocoly company invented the granular water-soluble fertilizer category in 2013, the formula has been continuously upgraded. The concept of focus and branding has led to the increasingly mature category, and Cocoly is known as "China 1st granular water-soluble fertilizer".

Many Chinese domestic customers shared their experiences of Cocoly fertilizer.

Cocoly continues to expand its use on all kinds of crops such as vegetables and fruits, wheat, rice, corn, and so on. Compared with traditional NPK fertilizers, the yields using Cocoly fertilizer increased by more than 30%.

Cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer is exported to 46 countries. At this important moment, Cocoly exclusive agents from Morocco, Kenya, Qatar, Brazil, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and other countries flew thousands of miles to attend the event and enthusiastically shared the advantages of granular water-soluble fertilizer in the international market. 

Malaysian customer said: "Durian yield with Cocoly fertilizer increased by 40% and the quality improved. Farmers are gradually choosing Cocoly to replace traditional NPK fertilizers."

Moroccan customer said: "The effect of Cocoly fertilizer surprises Moroccan farmers."

Kenyan customer said: "Cocoly has helped many poor farmers and hungry people and solved their real problems."

Brazilian customer: "Even in Brazil with developed agriculture, Cocoly shows unusual advantages."

Qatari customer: "Cocoly is also used in the royal garden."

Finally, Mr. Sun, CEO of Cocoly Group, thanked every Cocoly family member for accompanying over the past 14 years.

Mr. Sun emphasized that in the future, we will continue to focus on granular water-soluble fertilizers to help global agriculture get a good harvest.

On this important day, Cocoly also ushered another important moment, which was the opening of the new super factory. Chinese domestic and international customers witnessed this important moment together and visited Cocoly super factory.

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In the future, Cocoly will continue to focus on granular water-soluble fertilizers and upgrades formulas to help global agriculture get a good harvest.

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