How to Identify the Real Granular Water-soluble Fertilizer, Cocoly?

On August 4, 2023, the 33.3 acres of onions of Mr.Su in Gansu province China had a bumper harvest.

Cocoly staff and local dealers came to the onion field together to feel the joy of this bumper harvest.

The yield of one acre is 57.6 tons, and the price of one ton is 178.57 USD!


Under the extreme weather this year, everyone praised the quality of such onions as one of the best.

More than 90% of the high-quality onions with big and uniform size.

The weight of a single onion using cocoly fertilizer is 0.25 kg more than using the NPK fertilizer+urea.

Mr. Su was very happy and thanked Cocoly company very much. He praised: "When choosing granular water-soluble fertilizer, we must choose the real brand, Cocoly."

Why did Mr. Su trust cocoly so much?

This has to start with his encounter in 2022...

In 2020, Mr. Su found that the 33 acres of land he contracted were saline-alkali land. It has been tested that the pH of the water in the well has reached 9. Everyone advised him to give up the land because it would be a waste of time and money.

However, Mr. Wang, the local dealer and Manager Jia of Cocoly company, felt that there was still possible to recovery the land. 

Based on years of experience, they came up with a solution. Adding 4 kg Cocoly fertilizer to each drip irrigation, Mr. Su started to use it with the mentality of trying.

During the harvest period, the yield was 51 tons/acre after using cocoly fertilizer. 

Compared with the use of traditional fertilizers, there is no increase in input costs, but more yield is obtained.

With the growing maturity of the granular water-soluble fertilizer category, various granular water-soluble fertilizers have also appeared in the local area, and some companies produced fake products to cheat the farmers at low prices. 

Unable to withstand the temptation of cheap prices, Mr. Su, in 2021, used other fertilizers on 16.6 acres of land and used Cocoly fertilizer on 16.6 acres of land.

The growth difference is very obvious.

But the result can be imagined, the onion using other fertilizers only harvested 30 tons/acre, while the yield of cocoly fertilizer was 48 tons/acre. Mr. Su really regretted it...

Not all granular water-soluble fertilizers are called Cocoly fertilizer.

In 2013, Cocoly invented the first granular water-soluble fertilizer. 

In 11 years, Cocoly only has been focusing on one product and leading the development of the category. 


Let me tell you in detail how to identify the real granular water-soluble fertilizer, Cocoly.

1. Color and Appearance.

Cocoly fertilizer has uniform granules with brown color because of adding potassium fulvic, etc.

2. Smell.

Cocoly fertilizer Smells like brown sugar due to adding molasses fermentation solubles (CMS) etc. But products with poor quality smell pungent


Cocoly fertilizer is water-soluble without any residue because all raw materials are water-soluble.

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