"Excellent Fertilizer Exporter" and "International Influential Brand" Cocoly Attend 23rd Shanghai CAC Exhibition Again

On May 23rd, 2023, the 23rd International Agrochemicals and Crop Protection Exhibition (CAC) was held at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center.

The top 10 excellent fertilizer exporter and the winner of the International Influence Brand Award, Cocoly company, participated in the CAC exhibition again.

Cocoly attracted many international visitors due to its unique booth design and focus on one single product.

There were many foreign customer representatives in Cocoly booth. They introduced Cocoly fertilizer to new customers and felt happy to share their sales and promotion experience. They felt very happy.

Kenyan agent, Mr.Aziz said in a media interview: “Farmers are facing many challenges now, so I am very happy to bring this unique product, Cocoly, to the East African market.”

Malaysia's agent, Mr. Ling shared with new customers about Cocoly's successful and comprehensive experiences, such as product features and promotion methods. 

Indian, Oman, and Taiwan agents also shared the joy of Cocoly with new customers at Cocoly booth.

Because of the common vision, members of the cocoly family from all over the world who haven't seen each other for four years got together.

At this exhibition, importers from Argentina, Germany, Thailand, Canada, and other countries established intentional cooperation with Cocoly company, which was a very successful event.

Canadian businessmen said: Cocoly Family is a very loving family because family members recognize Cocoly very much, and they recommend Cocoly to more people. I like Cocoly Family very much and I’m looking forward to joining.

At this exhibition, the Korean agent, Mr. Song found many imitations of Cocoly. But he said he will only cooperate with Cocoly in China.

Through this exhibition, Mr. Sun, the CEO of Cocoly Company, concluded: "The agricultural market has a huge prospect, the competition is becoming more and more fierce. Only by focusing can we develop our own brand well. Because only by becoming the most professional in the field can we become the first, and the first will have a market.”

As the pioneer of granular water-soluble fertilizer, we need to take on the important task of continuously leading the global development of the category and keep focusing. 

Cocoly will continue to innovate and optimize product standards, and make each fertilizer granule to the best, so that we can help global agriculture get a good harvest.

Cocoly is the first granular water-soluble fertilizer in China.

We look forward to more friends who have the same dream as us joining Cocoly Family and helping global agriculture get a good harvest.

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