Cocoly Annual Meeting Cum The 8th International Granular Water Soluble Fertilizer Summit Was Successfully Held

On January 6, 2023, Cocoly Annual Meeting Cum the 8th International Granula Water Soluble Fertilizer Summit was successfully held online.


First of all, we reviewed the work and memories of 2022.

Malaysia agent shared that this year he put all the energy and time into one product, Cocoly, participating in five exhibitions, all about Cocoly. Because of focus, the sales in 2022 have doubled.

Cocoly Syria agent said: Cocoly is the no.1 in Syria and the world. Many farmers used cocoly in all crops, and gave feedback, cocoly is not just a normal fertilizer, gives us a lot of benefits.

"Cocoly is my life", the Kenya agent said. 

"There are two kinds of fertilizers in the World. Cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer and others. But Cocoly remains the number 1 choice "said by Ghanaian agent.

Cocoly has become the representative of granular water-soluble fertilizer in the international market.

Ms. Wish, sales manager of cocoly company shared the new changes in cocoly company

In 2022, although the global fertilizer market was affected by various factors: inflation, shortage of raw materials, commodity inspection, etc., Cocoly's sales still increased steadily, an increase of 98.5%compared to 2021 and 2022. In 2022, we invested 30 million US dollars to build a second factory and plan to build a third one overseas this year. 

Many people asked us, why there is only one product of Cocoly for 11 years. Why do we not develop other products, such as liquid fertilizer or compound fertilizer? Because we think everyone's success is because he did one thing best, not 100 things. 

And then cocoly company and customers discussed how to face imitations.

When Cocoly becomes first in your market, you will not be afraid of imitations.


At the end of the meeting, Cocoly CEO Mr. Sun shared: “Cocoly's achievements today are inseparable from everyone's efforts. I have a dream, it is to make cocoly become the top 500 in the world, but this goal can not be done by Cocoly company alone, it needs our joint efforts. The power of a person is limited, but the power of a team is infinite. Through everyone's efforts, we will be able to create the world's top 500 with Cocoly Family. Welcome to China, we will meet face-to-face soon. In the new year, l wish you all can achieve your goals.”


In a fiercely competitive environment, we must keep focusing and do one thing with our hearts. Only in this way can we stand for a long time. This is the way cocoly has been working for 10 years.

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