Cocoly Company Meeting was Held Successfully in New Factory

Shandong Cocoly Fertilizer Company held a meeting in the new factory on November 3rd.

Cocoly General Manager, Mr. Zero shared: By experiencing many challenges and overcoming many problems in the 10 years, Cocoly enables the brand to show its advantages in extremely competitive environments.

This year, the sales team promoted Cocoly by focusing on the market, and customers, summarized a mature experience, and achieved breakthrough results. In October, the sales volume surpassed 40% of the same period of last year.

Each sales department shared and exchanged new marketing models. The effect is the basis of fertilizers. Sales managers and agents of each region focus on crops, follow up throughout the process and summarize and record the most suitable way of using Cocoly on various crops.

In the financial part, the overall sales volume from January to October of 2022 surpassed 35% of the same period last year. Due to the influence of the global fertilizer industry, many companies have bankrupt and closed. But Cocoly company still moves forward steadily.

Ms. Anny, director of the International Sales Department, shared the situation of the Cocoly overseas market. In the past quarter, every market moved actively last quarter. Such as market promotion in India, lemon meeting in Dominican Republic, product introduction meeting in Guatemala, promotion meeting in Honduras, product launch in Sri Lanka, exhibitions in Malaysia and Taiwan, and so on.

Mr. Tate, the director of the production department, reported the progress of the construction of the new Cocoly factory. We will accelerate the construction of the international factory with high-standard, and put it in operation as soon as possible, to meet the needs of domestic and foreign markets. The factory will continue to control the quality of the production.

In the end, Mr. Sun, CEO of the Group, emphasized: "In such a severe environment in the international situation, the agricultural industry is fiercely competitive. Only capable companies can survive, and we have strengthened the correctness of the market strategy."

Cocoly will still concentrate and focus on one thing, help global farmers get a good harvest.

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