Congratulations on the Complete Success of Cocoly Family - 2022 First-Quarter Meeting!

The Cocoly family first-quarter meeting was scheduled by the online meeting. The meeting was divided into 3 sections, including Asia, the Middle East and Africa, America with a total of 46 countries.

In the meeting, the participants shared their jobs and successful experiences. Now, let's enter the meeting.

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Section one: online meeting of Asia 

Mr. Song, Cocoly's Korean agent showed his opinions and some experiences in the meeting: Due to the continuous rise in raw material prices, the price difference between traditional fertilizers and Cocoly fertilizers has become smaller and smaller. For this reason, it's the best opportunity to promote Cocoly fertilizer to the farmer. We should focus on the development of Cocoly. After this period, Cocoly is bound to maintain the position of 1st granular water-soluble fertilizer in Korean farmers no matter how many imitations appear.


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Mr. Ling, Cocoly’s agent in Malaysia, also shared his experiences on the promotion of Cocoly fertilizer to everyone. Owing to the coronavirus, the local government seriously implemented movement control. Thus, it's difficult to organize field trials, field visitings, etc. Given such a severe situation, he never gave up but strived to seek new means of promoting Cocoly fertilizers in Malaysia. Now he used a combination of online and offline to promote Cocoly, including online zoom meetings, farmers' seminars, advertisement displays, etc. Surprisingly, the result is pretty good. 


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Section Two: online meeting of the Middle East and Africa 

Jader, Cocoly's agent in Kuwait, said: “I give cocoly a new name, magical fertilizer, it is very very very nice!”

Aziz, Cocoly's agent in Kenya, thought it was a very happy thing to promote the brand of Cocoly. He has been promoting Cocoly fertilizers both online and offline, conducting field water solubility and ph tests, and uploading videos and pictures of the effects of using Cocoly fertilizers on social media. Through his continuous efforts, more and more Kenyan dealers and growers feel the magic of Cocoly, it's a kind of powerful fertilizer. His efforts also win the honor awarded by Cocoly company—Best Marketer of the First Quarter of 2022. 


Sudanese agent: "Due to the continuous publicity on Cocoly and Cocoly's pretty good effect on various crops, Cocoly enjoys a high reputation in Sudan. An increasing number of customers are willing to purchase it.”

Pakistani agent: “Although the international situation is complex and volatile, I still think it's our best chance to capture the market with our brand.”


Section Three: online meeting of America

Guatemala agent: "I have done many tests on different crops by using Cocoly, including potato, tomato. Pineapple, etc. The result is amazing. It turned out that Cocoly fertilizer has a pretty good effect on various crops. 

According to Mr. Sun, there is no doubt that the international situation is complex and volatile, the raw materials of fertilizers have a sharp rise. Despite the awful situation, it's our chance to promote Cocoly fertilizer, compete with other fertilizers, and capture the market. We should attach great importance to the promotion of the brand. 


As long as the brand of Cocoly can be deeply rooted in the hearts of the growers, we will be invincible in the market competition no matter how bad the situation is. Since Cocoly created a new category of granular water-soluble fertilizer in 2013, it has been focusing the only 1 product for 10 years. I held the firm belief that crisis is the best thing to test the company, and crisis and opportunity coexist with each other. Therefore, we should focus on the promotion of Cocoly, and walk more steadily in the face of adversity, let's together for the shared future!

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