Cocoly's Move: Cracking Down on Fakes of Cocoly Granular Water-Soluble Fertilizer

In 2013, Cocoly created a new categorygranular water-soluble fertilizer. Since the establishment of Cocoly, the company has been focusing on one product for 10 years.


During the period, owing to Cocolys market position as a founder in the granular water-soluble fertilizer and pretty good effects on different kinds of crops, it has enjoyed great popularity among the distributors and farmers.


However, with the rapid development of Cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer, an increasing number of counterfeit and shoddy products appear on the market. Additionally, in order to obtain benefits, these companies use unfair means to manufacture fakes and sell fakes, which not only seriously damages the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, seriously disrupts the market image of the brand of Cocoly, but also seriously endangers the healthy development of the fertilizer industry.


Given the severe situation,  Cocoly company and professional lawyers set up an anti-fake team to combat these behaviors. Any behavior that is related to the infringement of Cocoly and damage to the legitimate rights and interests of farmers, disruption of the rules of the market under the banner of Cocoly will be filed a lawsuit against by Cocoly company. Additionally, the trademark of Cocoly is protected by relevant laws. Once a similar trademark is found to apply for registration, it will take immediate action to protect its rights.



Finally, I also want to request consumers to distinguish the true from the false, please choose authentic Cocoly fertilizerthe first granular water-soluble fertilizer in China!



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on anti-fake scene







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