The Introduction on Cocoly's New Formula

New ingredients in 2022:

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ZTDH-Seaweed Extract (include alginic acid, crude protein, vitamin, enzyme)  New

It can promote fibrous root growth, raise the ground temperature, enhanced stress resistance, and keep roots free from soil bacteria.

ZTDH-Fish Protein  New

It can fertile the soil, improve the soil structure, increase output, improve the quality of the crops, enhance the physiological function and stress resistance of crops, promote the absorption and utilization rate of  the fertilizers.

ZTDH-Chitin  New

It can promote the growth of plants, improve the immunity of plants, sterilize and kill insects, and strengthen the resistance to pests and diseases. Plus, it has the ability to extend the shelf life.

ZTDH-Animo Oligosaccharin  New

It can promote plant growth and improve the efficiency of fertilizers.


Core Ingredient:

ZTDH-Polymeric Substance(PAS)

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It has a super hydrophilic and water-retaining ability, improves soil properties, improves soil compaction and soil acid and alkali, improves the efficiency of fertilizers, and enhances the defense ability of plants against pests and diseases.


N15% P2O53% K2O5%

Special ingredients:

ZTDH-Polyaspartic Acid (PASP)

It is able to increase crop yields, improve soil quality, and promote the absorption and utilization of fertilizers.

ZTDH-Molasses Fermentation Solubles

It can improve ground temperature, promote root system, promote root system's ability to absorb water and fertilizer at low temperature, rich in a variety of medium and trace elements that can be directly absorbed by crops.

ZTDH-Fulvic Acid Original Powder

It has the capability of improving soil aggregate structure, loosing soil, improving soil water and fertilizer retention capacity, adjusting PH value, reducing the content of heavy metals in soil, and reducing the damage of salt ions to seeds and seedlings. In particular, it can increase roots and seedlings, resist repeated cropping and diseases, improve crop quality, strengthen the adhesion and rapid absorption capacity of plant roots.

ZTDH-Scarifier&Bio Root Promoter

They can effectively regulate and improve soil aggregate structure, eliminate soil compaction, enhance soil infiltration capacity, promote the growth of crops, develop root systems, increase capillary roots with a good effect on rooting and root-preserving, strong seedlings and enhance disease resistance with a pretty good effect on increasing yields.

ZTDH-Poly Glutamic Acid (PGA)

It has a super hydrophilic and water-retaining ability, promote crop root development and enhance disease resistance, balance the pH value of the soil to enhance the plant's disease resistance and resistance to adversity, and promote the increase of production, which can rapidly increase the production of agricultural products such as tea, fruits and vegetables, and the increase in yield can reach 10-20%.

ZTDH-Bacillus subtilis

It can inhibit the growth and reproduction of harmful microorganisms and prevent fertilizer and water loss.

ZTDH-Bacillus cereus

It can control soil-borne bacterial diseases, such as ginger blast, eggplant bacterial wilt, pepper bacterial wilt, etc. Additionally, it can improve stress resistance, accelerate growth, and improve yield and quality.


It is used for the correction and prevention of difficulties in drawing out new leaves of plants due to calcium deficiency.


Enhance crop photosynthesis, promote plant growth, quickly turn green leaves, improve crop resistance and resistance to diseases and pests.


It can increase chlorophyll content, improve photosynthesis efficiency, make leaves turn green quickly, promote plant growth, improve crop resistance and resistance to diseases and insect pests.


It can promote plant growth, improve crop resistance and resistance to pests and diseases.

Ultrafine Boron

It can increase chlorophyll content, improve photosynthesis efficiency, promote plant growth, improve crop resistance and resistance to pests and diseases.


Since 2013, Cocoly has been focusing on one product for 10 years with the product concept of quality first and effects priority. Not only does it say it, but also it does it. It has set a core mission that is to let global agriculture get a good harvest since the establishment of the company. 


Nowadays, with the rapid development of Cocoly, it has been registered in 72 countries and regions and exported to 46 countries and regions. People in there have enjoyed the joy of harvest on account of the use of Cocoly. 


Cocoly will not forget the original intention and remembers the lofty ideal to devote to making contributions to agriculture in the future. 


Watch the video below for more information on the new formula!


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