New Upgrading of Cocoly Fertilizer in 2022

In 2013,Cocoly created a new category in the fertilizer industry--granular water-soluble fertilizer. From then on, Cocoly has been insisting on one important idea for 10 years that is the quality is first and the effect is priority. Moreover, Cocoly improves its formula and function every year in order to better satisfy the needs of farmers and market. Now, the new Cocoly fertilizer is launched, let's learn more about it!

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New Formula

On the basis of the original formula, Cocoly adds many new ingredients, including ZTDH-Seaweed Extract, ZTDH-Amino-Oligosaccharin, ZTDH-Chitin, ZTDH-Fish protein.


Better Effects

1. Improve the ability to resist adversity

It's helpful for crops to live in the extreme weather, especially the sudden drop in temperature in south China(south to the Qinling mountain&Huai river) this year. Fruit trees using Cocoly fertilizer are resistant to freezing and have great power to preserve flowers and fruits.


2. It is more conducive to inhibiting soil-borne diseases.

The problem of continuous cropping is becoming more and more serious, and diseases such as dead seedlings, rotten roots, and the yellowing of crops frequently occur. The new formula effectively inhibits the occurrence of soil-borne diseases.


With the continuous innovation of agricultural science and technology, the requirements for the fertilizer industry are getting higher and higher. Cocoly, the granular water-soluble fertilizer, is constantly updated and upgraded to conform to the development of the market. It has been become increasingly popular in the fertilizer industry in that not only does it preserve and upgrade soil and improve stress resistance, but also offers crops balanced and abundant nutrients with a full cycle.


    Watch the video below for more information on the new formula!

Watch the v

Fertilizing with Cocoly fertilizer, and the crops are vigorous!

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