The 6th International Granular Water-soluble Fertilizer Summit - Cocoly Annual Meeting


The 6th International Granular Water-soluble Fertilizer Summit was held in Shouguang, Shandong on December 27th, 2020. The summit attracted cocoly agents and many authoritative media from China.

Mr. Gao, Director of AgriGoods Herald said that due to the Covid-19 in 2020, the world's agricultural industry has undergone great changes. In this environment, granular water-soluble fertilizer will be the trend of the development of future agriculture.

The development of an enterprise, the growth of a brand, and the birth of a new category cannot be separated from the media's help. We are very grateful to all the media for their contributions to the category of granular water-soluble fertilizer.

Lawyer Li, Cocoly Anti-Counterfeiting Office reported on the work of cracking down on imitation of cocoly in 2020 and popularized legal knowledge. With the development of the cocoly brand, thousands of fakes have appeared on the domestic and foreign markets, which infringe on the rights of consumers in various countries.

In 2021, the Cocoly Anti-Counterfeiting Office will continue to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the Cocoly brand and customers, and maintain a healthy competitive environment in the granular water-soluble fertilizer market.

The excellent effect of cocoly fertilizer has helped the agents to grow rapidly. They sent pennants and plaques to thank the company and brought wonderful sharing.

Mr. Huang from Guangxi has cooperated with cocoly in 2015, from the sales volume of 1 ton in the first year to more than 600 tons in 2020. He only has the agency of 2 small towns, but his development is very rapid.

Because of the coronavirus, foreign customers expressed their blessings and shared their stories with cocoly through videos.

2020 is a difficult year, but Cocoly has developed new international markets such as Mexico, Dominica, Italy, Canada, Peru, etc. Now Cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer has entered more than 40 countries.

Since the creation of a new category of granular water-soluble fertilizer, Cocoly has been focusing on the development of a single product and cocoly brand for 8 years and has continued to innovate.

In 2021, cocoly upgraded its technology and formula, with more uniform particles and better results, so that farmers all over the world can have a better experience.

Mr. Sun, CEO of Cocoly company gave a wonderful speech. “Starting from the heart, we will move forward in 2021!”

In the past 8 years, cocoly has always focused on a single product and continued to grow, and cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer has been continuously upgraded. In 2021, cocoly will continue to lead the granular water-soluble fertilizer industry to make innovation!



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