Famous Agriculture Brand Cocoly Farmer Meetings Attracted Thousands of Farmers in India

As "Top 10 Excellent Exporters of Fertilizers in China", Cocoly has been exported to India for many years. As we know, India is an big agricultural country with huge population. Cocoly became a famous fertilizer brand in India by the efforts of cocoly family.

Once again, cocoly team came to the Indian market and helped organize farmers' meetings. Each farmer's fair attracted at least 400 farmers from far away. After the demonstration and introduction of cocoly team, the new customers fell in love with our product and the old customers understood it better. 

Gaurav, a village head specially drove two hours to a farmer meeting with two sons, He especially appreciated the product and said: "the effect of cocoly fertilizer is amazing, after using more than a year, the productions of potatoes, rice are increased by more than 35%.”

After a long time of marketing work by dealers and joint efforts of the company, farmers in India gradually feel the charm of cocoly fertilizer. In just over a year, cocoly fertilizer has entered dozens of cities and towns in India, including Olandabad, Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore, Gurgaon and Kolkata. 

Cocoly fertilizer improved farmers' problem and increased crop yields. Cocoly became one of the most influential fertilizers in India and brought the harvest to Indian agriculture.

With the further promotion of "The Belt And Road - China agricultural brand dream", the founder of granular water-soluble fertilizer, Cocoly has exported to more than 20 countries, including India, Vietnam, South Korea, Thailand, Japan, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Australia, Egypt, Syria, Algeria, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia, Kenya and Jordan in 2018. And it is called as “The 1st Exporter of China Agriculture” by media!

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