Why Was Cocoly Focused In The 4th CAC Pakistan?

Shandong Cocoly Fertilizer Co.,Ltd founded the 1st granular water-soluble fertilizer, and named it Cocoly fertilizer after overcoming a large number of difficulties in 2013.

Now granular water-soluble fertilizer becomes more and more popular in the market. As the founder and leader, Cocoly pays attention to not only Chinese market, but also international markets by “The Belt and Road”.

The 4th CAC Pakistan was held on Dec. 5th, 2018. Mr. Ajaz, the agent of Cocoly in Pakistan introduced China agricultural brand Cocoly with staff to the visitors attracted by cocoly.

A lot of local dealers would like to fight for their chance to make cooperation with cocoly because of the favorable prospects for development of cocoly.

The shortage of water resources and low utilization rate are big problems in Pakistan. Cocoly fertilizer is exactly suitable for Pakistani agriculture due to PAS added. PAS(Polymeric Acid Substance) contributes to retain moisture around the roots and promote the utilization rate of fertilizer. Therefore Cocoly is able to ameliorate the problems caused by unreasonable use of chemical fertilizer, including waste of fertilizer, soil hardening, soil acidification, soil alkalization, low yield, etc.

Cocoly has entered in Pakistan market for more than one year, acquired recognition and trust from local people by working hard of Mr. Ajaz’s company and Cocoly company.

Cocoly strives to develop international markets, and has successfully entered Egypt, Turkey, India, Libya, Vietnam, South Korea, Australia, Pakistan, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria and other countries, and acquired great feedback. 

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