Shandong Cocoly Fertilizer Co.,Ltd Public Welfare Farmers’ Assistance Activity

On the morning of October 25, 2018, the "Cocoly - Joy China Long March Public Welfare Farmers’ Assistance Activity" sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the CPC Dangshan County Committee, the People's Government of Geji Town, AgriGoods Herald, and Shandong Cocoly Fertilizer Co., Ltd. was held ceremoniously in Geji Town!


“Don't forget the beginner's mind party always.” Since Cocoly fertilizer entered the market as the founder of granular water-soluble fertilizer, Shandong Cocoly Fertilizer Co.,Ltd has integrated the ideas of giving back to the society into business activities as a company with a high degree of social responsibility, helped the poor, assisted farmers actively and carried a series of public welfare undertakings.


Since Cocoly fertilizer entered the market of Dangshan, Anhui Province, Cocoly have propagated cultivation management techniques actively, guided the correct fertilization, and promoted the development of local agriculture, so that the yield and quality of the local main crops, pear trees have been greatly improved, and more and more users of Cocoly have gained the joy of harvest.

While continually gaining positive feedback from the market, Shandong Cocoly Fertilizer Co., Ltd did not forget to give back to the messes, organized this public welfare farmers’ assistance activity specially, and assisted 100 poor farmers accurately.

Hearing about that Shandong Cocoly Fertilizer Co.,Ltd was going to hold a public welfare activity in Geji Town, Many loyal users of Cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer came to the site to share the effect and joy of using Cocoly.


The staff donated Cocoly granular water-soluble fertilizer to the poor farmers. The original intention of the public welfare activity is to help the poor farmers and spread the social care and positive energy.

Reviews of the Public Welfare Farmers' Assistance Activities

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2. July 28, 2016, Cocoly Public Welfare Farmers' Assistance Activity - Pangxi Station 


3. May 22, 2017, Cocoly Public Welfare Farmers' Assistance Activity - Shimadian Station


4. June 22, 2018, Cocoly Public Welfare Farmers'Assistance Activity - Changjiang Town Station 


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