Time: November, 2019 

Address: Hainan, China

Picture description: 

Mr. Shu is the leader of mango cultivation in Hainan, China and a major mango grower on the island. The first time he knew about cocoly is in 2009. Although he was interested in it, he was cautious and bought only 80 kilograms for the experiment. He spread cocoly fertilizer over 160 trees. A month later, he called to order 30 tonnes of cocoly for all 1, 500acre mango field. The sales staff was very shocked, then returned to visit the mango base. tCompared with other fertilizers, the effect of cocoly is quite different. After using cocoly once, the second batch of mango treetops grew very well, with thick green and bright leaves, while the useless ones had only one batch of tips. "I regret not having used cocoly all together," Mr. Shu said. "Next, the mango base will use cocoly on nearly 1,500 acres!"

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