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We know that the utilization rate of traditional chemical fertilizers is only 30-40%. When traditional fertilizers are used, most of them can't be absorbed by crops and will be wasted in the soil. Therefore leading to pH imbalance and breeding a large amount of harmful bacteria in the soil and the crops get disease easily. At this time, if the farmers continue to use traditional chemical fertilizers, the problems will be more and more serious. It will be a vicious circle.


But Cocoly’s utilization rate can reach more than 90%. When the farmers use Cocoly, it has a very complete working principle in the soil. The first step is that the harmful bacteria in the soil will be killed and removed. The second step is that the soil pH value will be adjusted to neutral, around 6.5-7. In the third step is that cocoly continues to provide rich nutrients to the soil, making the crops grow healthily.


Effect of Cocoly is resulted in its core ingredient PAS.


Source of PAS

In 2013, Cocoly company cooperated with Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences for research and development, and successfully extracted a Polymeric acid substance from snail by cryogenic cell cold pressure fission extraction technology. This is a kind of thick small-molecule essential substance that is called PAS and is applied to agricultural field, but mass production relying on snail is unpractical.

Afterwards, via ten thousands of repeated search and experiments, we finally discovered the same ingredient to snail’s extract in a leguminosae plant at downstream of Amazon, and applied PAS into Cocoly. It greatly improves fertilizer efficiency and gives Cocoly special effect that is absent in other fertilizers.


Functions of PAS:

1-It has super-high penetration, makes the nutrition rapidly absorbed and utilized by the crops, keeps the water and improves fertilizer efficiency.

2-It activates cell regeneration and physiological function, stimulates generation of non-specific active factors in plant and regulates the extreme speed balance of internal sources.

3-It provides small-molecule essential substance protection - series of enzymes are translated to chemical substances in plant, effectively inducing to generate resistant protein and improving defense capability of plants against pest and diseases damage.

4-It enhances biomass of microorganism in soil, improves soil environment and helps with soil hardening and acid-base imbalance problems.


Tell the world:

Since this secret substance PAS was discovered, its core technology is always reserved by COCOLY company, and was applied for national patent.

(PAS is proprietary formula to COCOLY company, which will absolutely not be shared and sold)

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