Time: October, 2019 

Address: Guangxi, China

Picture description: 

In Guilin, Guangxi, China, Mr. Wei, a sugar orange grower, became famous last year when his sugar oranges sold for 1USD per kilogram, 0.2USD above the market price. Besides, every day people came to visit his orchard, and he also went to many places to lecture, teach management skills, became the benchmark for everyone to learn. Why would anyone want to learn from him? Why would a 20-acre sugar orange farmer want to be cocoly¡¯s dealer? That's because he's been using cocoly. The orange seller said, "After using cocoly, the orange with the right amount of effort is evenly shaped, has the right color, and above all, is sweet.¡± Mr. Wei said, "Cocoly fertilizer is convenient, less investment, high fruit setting rate. So people like this fertilizer, I sold 100 tons in the first year as the dealer of cocoly!"

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