Time: March, 2019 

Address: Leshan, Sichuan, China

Picture description: 

Mr. Xu is a responsible teacher and a professional tea grower with 10 years¡¯ experience owning 3.3 acres of tea garden. Cocoly team came to his tea garden on March 23, 2019. In Leshan, the soil is hardened and acid due to the perennial use of traditional fertilizers. The first time he used fertilizer was the last time he applied cocoly fertilizer last winter. At that time, he found the effect was good. So he began to use a lot of cocoly fertilizer this year. He use fertilizer twice a year. He used 20kg of cocoly, 20 kg urea and 240-300kg oil cake (organic fertilizer) in each acre of tea. Finally, he found that the growth of tea was very good, buds were full, the effect was very good. Compared with other tea gardens, his yield is obviously higher, and the tea picking period is 1 week earlier than other tea gardens. In each line, he was able to pick 3kg more tea than anyone else. Now his tea has been sold at the highest price 5USD/kg. He is very happy for the result and will continue to use it in the future!

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