Agents From Across The Globe Have Gathered In Cocoly Company Because Of "The 4th International Granular Water-soluble Fertilizer Summit"

IMG_1688.JPGOn January 8th, 2019, "The 4th International Granular Water-soluble Fertilizer Summit" hosted by AgriGoods Herald and co-organized by Shandong Cocoly Fertilizer Co.,Ltd was grandly held at Shandong Shouguang Chenming International Hotel.

The summit attracted agents from more than a dozen countries and domestic, including India, Egypt, Pakistan, Korea, Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and so on. In addition, some media also came to the scene including AgriGoods Herald, Dazhong Daily, The Rural Masses and Northern Vegetable. Everyone witnessed the charm of the founder of granular water-soluble fertilizer, Cocoly!


At 8 o'clock in the morning of January 8, customers signed in successively.


Cocoly dance brought passion, spirit and high energy to the audience!


Mr. Gao, the reporter of AgriGoods Herald made a speech about the prospect of Cocoly's development. Innovation is the trend of future development according to the national policy. Cocoly will continue to follow the pace of "One Belt and Road" and bring the joy of harvest to the farmers in all around the world.


Mr. Li, from Deheng Law Group and Cocoly Anti-counterfeiting Office, shared results of cracking down on counterfeits of Cocoly. We will continue to fight against counterfeits of Cocoly to maintain the authentic status of it, protect the development of it and create a good market environment!


"We are all dreamers running for our dreams!" This is the direction of granular water-soluble fertilizer, and also the general direction of agricultural industry.

Mr.Simon, the manager of Base Sales Department shared the experience and results of Cocoly's base areas. "The base area is the cradle of revolution" said by Mr.Mao Zedong, the country's founder of China. Therefore, the success of the revolution needs to be based on base areas, and the base areas continued to provide basic support. Now Cocoly has set up a number of base offices in key markets. Cocoly company provides technical and service support, agents focus on Cocoly and make it their main product. Both of Cocoly company and agents develop and create model markets together. Cocoly company and agents focus on the development of Cocoly together, we work and make progress together to achieve a win-win situation.


Cocoly's Yunnan branch wass established and appointed Mr. Zhang, the agent of Cocoly in Yunan market to be the manager.


The moment of glory: 

Cocoly brand shines brilliantly because of every Cocoly member. Destiny is controlled by ourselves. Cheer for ourselves!


 Some customers won the "Brand Pathfinder Award". They have been paying attention to the exploitation and development of Cocoly in the new market all the time and their market grows up quickly.


Some customers won the "Best Contribution Award". It doesn't depend on the sales volume of the winners but the contributions they've made to Cocoly company. They have been focusing on the development of Cocoly as a part of their life all the time.


Foreign customers shared the joy of Cocoly.

Mr.Song Youngkwan(Korea) shared the experience of Cocoly. Korea is a country with a large population and small land area, so the land is busy for being planted every year, it caused many problems including soil acidification, low absorption and low yield. But Cocoly has solved these problems, increased the yield, brought the high speed and great effect to Korean agriculture.


Mr.Raja(India) shared the experience of Cocoly. He said, thanks for Cocoly to give his opportunity to be the exclusive agency of India. It is not busy farming season, but he had sold all the 300 tons Cocoly fertilizer just imported in only 20days. And he got good feedback from 200,000 farmers. 


Mr.Ajaz(Pakistan) shared the experience of Cocoly. He gave up selling pesticides to concentrate on Cocoly. Mr.Ajaz specially practiced mandarin to make the speech. He  He said, he is proud of choosing the excellent product. Cocoly is not from China, it is from the world. He introduced Cocoly in everywhere of Pakistan at days or nights. He still insist on making the basic work, farmer meetings. So Cocoly is very popular in Pakistan.


Mr.Zero, deputy general manager made a speech of "Fortune Circle". When "Fortune Circle" was founded, the original intention is that hope people with common dreams can join us. We work together to achieve our dreams and success. Over the years, the fertilizer market has been weak and in a mess. There are a lot of similar products and the price competition is intense. At that time, Cocoly implemented two development strategies: focusing on Cocoly product only and promoting international development of Cocoly following the country's strategy "One Belt And Road". Cocoly has been growing fast in the flat market. Everyone has his own dream and has been striving for the dream. "Fortune Circle" is the good platform for the people who want to achieve their dream. Welcome to join us!"


Mr.Sun, CEO made a wonderful speech. Because of one dream, a crowded people concentrates on one thing for the whole life. Cocoly only focuses one thing, we just concentrate on granular water-soluble fertilizer. And no matter what the packaging or product formula, would be updated and improved every year, the quality has been getting better and better.

IMG_1635.JPGIn 2019, we update new packaging and formula of Cocoly again. Above all, we specially added ZTDH-oligosaccharins, which can improve the disease resistance of crops, so Cocoly can improve the immunity of crops from now.


It has been 10 years since our company was founded, this decade is an extraordinary decade and a decade of development. So we changed the core values of the company to: team, passion, preciseness and love. At the same time, we feel that Cocoly has been bring the joy of harvest to more and more farmers both at home and abroad. So we changed the core mission of our company to: let global agriculture get good harvest. It will be our motivation and goal for the next decade. It is also the value and significance of our existence. Facing the ever-changing and complex social environment, we face it with constancy. I believe that our dream will be realized with our joint efforts.


We are all dreamers running for our dream. 2019 is a brand new starting point. Cocoly family will work together with confidence for our future!


Highlights of Cocoly family visiting factory:

Cocoly had completed the shift in driving forces for development in 2018. The capacity of new production equipment has been greatly increased. The technology of granulation has reached advanced level in the world.

640.webp (1)_副本.jpg

Cocoly family visited manufacturing shop and took photos in front of the snail(the power of Cocoly). The core element of Cocoly, PAS has got the national patent. Cocoly is powerful because PAS is added.

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