The social activities of Cocoly company is continue......

Cocoly company has social responsibility to help poor farmers as the important purpose of

enterprise development. Hope that help poor farmer by their own power.


In 2015, cocoly company started Cocoly’s joy journey. This activity is order to help farmers

with AgriGoods Herald. Cocoly journey went to many place such as Shandong, Hebei, Sichuan,

Hubei and Hunan etc. The social activities of Cocoly company have been supported by the Ministry of agriculture and the government of the country .


In 2016, Cocoly's joy journey was hold under the witness of the major media and distributors

of cocoly. Love don't have end. Cocoly company will continue to send the poor farmers to warm,

to help them get the confidence of life.


The social activities of Cocoly will be always on the rood. 

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