Time: 10th October, 2015

Address: ShenZhou City, HeBei Province

Picture description: These farmers are apple growers in ShenZhou. And they are all using cocoly fertilizer. When salesman of cocoly pay a return visit their garden, they were so happy and said: Please look these apple on the tree, it is so big and has a good color. Let's taste. According to information, these farmers used coocly fertilizer for one year. They used compound fertilizer before last year. The compound fertilizer is cheap but they don't have good income. The garden soil became badly.They learned through friends introduction. They realized that cocoly fertilizer not only have NPK but also have other elements which micro elements must be needed on plant growth stage. Cocoly can improve untilization of fertilizer and balance PH of soil.Cocoly specially adds Condensde Molasses Fermention Solubles which can increase weight and taste of fruit.They use cocoly fertilizer about one year. They can get obvious effect. THey are feeling the joy of harvest from cocoly fertilizer.

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