Time: 5th October, 2015 

Address: LanZhou City, GanSu City, China

Picture discription: Manage Jin are from LanZhou City, He is the agricultural dealer. He ran many kinds of fertilizer. But those fertilizers don't have advantages to compete. So he just have the lowest interest. He chooesd new type fetilizer to sell before two years ago. He think he need of cocoly fertilizer. After two years to promote and use, many farmer said: cocoly have good effect on vegetables and fruits. Manage Jin told us: now cocoly is highest sell 

One farmer give the Manae Jin a watermelom. He said: The yield of watermelon is increased after using cocoly fertilizer. The quality is the best. So it achieve export stard. This year my watermelon are all exported. This is the harvest joy.

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